IGiampaolo Berardi Interview from gbhair saloon.

Giampaolo is waiting for me sitting on a chair where he usually let the guests sit while he’s cutting hair. The saloon is elegant and well-finished, but what hits the most is the quantity of hair products organised in neat lines covering the wall near him. Conditioners, anti freeze product, wax, hair spray to tame even the most difficult hair. I think I’ve never even heard some of their names. I’m really curious to know more about it. I’ve always compared the job of an hair-stylist to an alchemist mixing mysterious potion transforming lead into gold.

Giampaolo, how did your avventure begin?

it all started when i was a little boy in a saloon whose perfume I still remember. I went there to understand wether it was the right job for me or not and I realised that I adore feeling the hair through my hands in order to shape them.

Before this interview I tried to find out something about what will be cool in the next seasons. I’m confused because there are plenty of trends in this years. In your opinion, which are the new trends about hair?

In 2013 there has been a big change, in fact we had always been used to models with long hair, but now everything has changed thanks to the model Arizona Muse. In fact she showed a medium/short cut and she’s the icon of high-fashion and the sponsor of one of the most famous magazine in the world: Vogue. Arizona Muse launched the short and scalato cut with a long frange. Thanks to her bold style we abandoned the “bon ton” style giving way to creativity.

Even if summer seems to be distant we should think in advance about how to protect our hair. Do you have any suggestions for our readers?

Summer is the most delicate period for our hair, sun’s rays are very dangerous, so we should pay the same attention as we do with our skin. During the exposition to the sun the amminoacidi that constitute keratin, the protein that gives hair strength, elasticity and flexibility, are damaged and that causes the hair to become opaque, fragile and faded. Fortunately nowadays there are a lot of products like sprays, oils, creams and gels; This product must be waterproof and applied every three hours during the exposition.

Let’s go back to your job in the saloon: what makes you more proud?

I don’t know how to explain that felling, but sometimes i exit what i call “my store of beauty” and observe my colleague working, that still thrills me a lot. Maybe the determination that I apply in order to form them makes them my satisfaction. Some are part of my “family” as they have been with me for many years.

What about your guests? The majority has clear ideas or do they confide on your experience?

People usually chose us also for our recognised ability to suggest the right colour and look. Sometimes, on the other hand, they ask for a specific cut or colour that we necessarily have to shape on the characteristics of our guest.

Did you take part in some conventions or events about your job?

I’m alway in contact with international stylists and i regularly frequent the backstage of the most important events,,,New York, Paris; London.

As you work in Riccione you must have met a lot of famous people, can you name some of them?

I have to admit that a lot of people chose us, even in the show business! Singers, journalists, and in general people that we are used to watch on TV. I don’t have any picture with me because one of the characteristics of GBHAIR is the discretion and privacy that we want to guarantee to them and to all the people that chose us.