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System Professional

System Professional




In our new offices, there is plenty of space for interpersonal relationships. Our Customers, who are given an attentive ear and provided with the answers they are seeking, have always known this. The suppliers, who are always given our maximum willingness and practical collaboration, know it, too. And our designers, technicians, and staff, who work in a pleasant environment, where human resources have always been given first place, with respect for each person and in an atmosphere of open friendship, also know it.

From its beginnings in 1978 in a small industrial shed specialised in producing hair dryers, our company has expanded and now gives work to 50 employees in two plants covering a total area of 6000 sq. m, with lines dedicated to the production of all kinds of professional instruments for hair styling: not only hair dryers, but also hot plates, irons, diffusers, accessories, shears, brushes. 

Dynamism, flexibility, attention to the market and a constant friendly confrontation with the clientele and its needs are the factors that have led to our success, the elements indispensable for growth that is always projected towards the future.
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items