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System Professional



Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair comes from the passion and ingenuity from a sharp scissors. Michael O'Rourke has built an empire, breaking all the rules. From the beginning, Sexy Hair has brought a burst of red in a world a little 'tired and in black and white, and has given proof that the fun can be seriously powerful. His philosophy has inspired many who enter and grow in the school of "everything is possible". And today with the leadership of Karl-Heinz Pitsch, this attitude pervades everything we do. We believe in the importance of setting an example. We raise the stakes. We like to be seen and heard. Because if there's one thing we've learned it is that you have to take risks to get what you really want. And with Sexy Hair, which has now spread to over 45 countries and in more than 60,000 salons in the US alone, we have proof that wonderful things can happen when you're not afraid to play and bet.

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