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System Professional




Vivipharma SpA, a leading company for dermocosmetology and trichology products, occupies a consolidated position on the world market in pharmacies and dermatological clinics with its biotechnological treatments of extremely high quality, value and effectiveness. All Vivipharma products are the result of 40 years of experience of our research laboratories, which hold several exclusive international patents. The Vivipharma location hosts all its operative divisions, including research, production training, marketing and sales. The company's corporate philosophy takes the organic cosmetics code as its guideline for the production of hypoallergenic treatments that are nickel-free and have been tested dermatologically and clinically by Italy's best universities, formulated with materials selected for both their high quality and their purity, in full respect of good manufacturing practices and HACCP requirements. These are the reasons that users so widely recognize the high quality standards of our products, further reinforcing our success and constant growth.
Vivipharma also offers facilities for courses and conferences, fundamental tools to allow it to compete in a market that is increasingly diversified and to guarantee customer satisfaction. The company employs over 120 persons capable of implementing in the best possible way the corporate mission of providing our customers with extremely professional services of outstanding quality.

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